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Sakata Seed India Pvt.Ltd.(SID) has developed Sakata human Right (HR) Policy in accordance with the company’s act 2013.


Overview : Sakata’s core business is in seeds and plants. Its CSR roots are bringing happiness towards Society by providing high quality seeds and plants. As the phrase “Vegetables nourishes the People’s body, Flowers nourishes the People’s soul”.

Sakata Seed India (SID) follows its CSR activities and strategies as own set of principles and corporate CSR team directions.Our Mother company, Sakata Seed Corporation is operating in the domain of “PASSION in Seeds”. Developed and adopting Sakata Human Rights Policy. It is obvious that seed producing farmers, employees and Organizers are the primary stakeholders in our seed production & business activity.

With our core business, we have to play an important role on social development along with a friendly business environment. For our company it is very important to contribute to the Society and to create values for the Human Rights.


Sakata Human Right Policy :



No acceptance to ‘Child labor’
  • Children’s who are below 14 years are strictly prohibited in seed production fields.
  • Engaging child labor is a CRIME.
  • Providing minimum education to children is must and encourages others to provide the same.
No wage discrimination
  • Equal wage for equal work done by the male and female labor.
  • Growers should bounded to show no discrimination during hiring, placement, remuneration, advancement, training and disciplinary decisions within farms are consistent with local law and not based on gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, race, color, creed, caste, language, disability, organizational membership, opinion, health status, marital status, maternity, sexual orientation, or the civic-, social-, and political distinctiveness of the labor.
No Bonded and Forced Labor
  • Growers should not use any Bonded or Forced labor, prohibited labor, migrant labor in seed production activities.
No harassment and abuse
  • Grower must maintain a workplace environment free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Success and advancement within farm will depend on personal ability and work performance.
Working Hours
  • Grower has to run regular working hours to labor, that does not exceed the limit defined by local law or ILO regulations, which stipulate a maximum of 48 hours per week.
  • Any additional working hours (overtime) will be voluntary, those who work additional should be compensated with overtime payments.(8 hours a day)
Wages & Benefits
  • Labors payments must be made as per the minimum wages prescribed by the local government or as per local wages regulations.
Health, Safety & Environment
  • Grower should ensure that all workers work in a safe healthy environment.
  • Using proper PPE’s (personal Protective equipment) is must during chemical spraying, take proper chemicals storage.
  • Grower must comply with all applicable environmental rules, obligations and laws applicable to the operations at farm premises.


FOCUS : SID is mainly focusing on rural development programs which are being implemented in various Districts of Karnataka with an aim of :

  • “No Child labours in seed production farms”,
  • To promote good health & safety of Agricultural workers
  • To promote Agricultural workers skill development through proper trainings.


SID has introduced programs like Seed yield productivity enhancement through introducing new technology in the seed production, which would reduce the costs and the dependency on more labours and also increase growers profits by achieving higher yields.

SID is engaged in promoting education since it is a vital factor in achieving sustainable prosperity. SID is helping girl students in the form of donations and supporting for their education toward a better future by empowering women.

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